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5 Fantastic Personal Development Podcasts

5 Personal Development Podcasts; Photo by Ariana Prestes

Firstly, Why Listen to Podcasts?

I started to listening to podcasts a little over a year ago when my audiobook addiction was getting a little too expensive. I quickly fell in love. 

I remember listening to audiobooks via a tape recorder in the car on road trips with my parents when I was a kid Bill Bryson and Bad Jelly the Witch first come to mind. I loved them then but the art of listening to stories lost me somewhere in my teens.

I love podcasts because I am a fairly slow reader. I can download them and listen to them on the plane when I am too tired to read. I often listen to them when I am struggling to sleep. 

For anyone who is not familiar with podcast listening here's why you should start:

  • They're FREE
  • There is something for everyone from fiction to fact
  • They are short (usually 20-70 minutes)
  • You can listen to them on basically any device these days
  • You can download them for when you are offline

I have a list of podcasts I love to listen to for all sorts of moods. Here is my top 5 list for when I am in need of some motivation and personal development vibes.

Now, 5 Fantastic Personal Development & Growth Podcasts

1. Pursuit with Purpose hosted by Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin was inspired to start this podcast after she felt unfulfilled even though she had a successful million dollar business.

Melyssa interviews fascinating entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries. 

You definitely don't have to be an entrepreneur to enjoy this podcast. Melyssa's guests have something for everyone to take away. 

2. Bulletproof Radio hosted by Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey Bulletproof Radio is the number 1 biohacking podcast. 

What is biohacking?

Put simply biohacking are actions you can take to 'hack' into your biology to improve how you feel, your energy levels, your performance and generally improve your health. It is science-based, but, some 'biohacks' are at the cutting edge of science and still being tested.

There are lot's of things you can do to reap the benefits of biohacking and become Your Best Self including:

  • Change your diet
  • Remove sugar and carbohydrates from your diet
  • Eat more healthy fats
  • Change when your eating
  • Start fasting
  • Meditating
  • Keeping Active
  • Gratitude Journaling 
  • Sleep more
  • Being creative

The list goes on. You can learn all about biohacking on Bulletproof Radio. Guests offer advice ranging from simple things you can start doing at home to the more extreme biohacks.

3. Truth and Dare Movement hosted by Allie and Carly

In need of some truth and female empowerment?

Allie and Carly are your women. They focus on:

  • Female empowerment
  • How we live our truth
  • How we dare to change when we need to 

They also have a book club you can join to help you get more out of and finally finish all those empowering books you've been meaning to read.

4. The Good Life Project hosted by Jonathan Fields

Jonathan talks to a wide range of guests about how to live a meaningful, engaged and connected life. 

You are bound to learn something new in every episode.  

5. Tiny Changes, Big Leaps hosted by Gregg Clunis

The title says it all. You will learn small science-based things you can do every day to get more out of your life.

Gregg describes himself as a human sponge who shares with you everything he learns about how to get the most out of your life.

Plus he has some pretty cool intro music.

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5 fantastic podcasts for personal growth and personal development; Photo by rawpixel

5 Fantastic Personal Development Podcasts; Photo by Daniel Apodaca

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