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The Ultimate Shopping Guide For Animal Lovers; 40 brands like Ivory Ella that give back to animals


The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Animal Lovers;

40 Brands like Ivory Ella, that give back to animals

brands that give back to animals

We know that you LOVE animals AND meaningful clothing just like us. So we have curated this list of 40 awesome brands, like Ivory Ella, that give back to animals, to help you build your socially responsible wardrobe. 

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To make it even easier for you we have made the handy interactive PDF ultimate shopping guide for animal lovers for you to download for you to easily refer to next time you want to indulge in a little (or a lot) of online shopping and support brands that donate to animals.

                          brands that donate to animals

Now let's get started!

Here is our list of 40 brands, like Ivory Ella, that give back to animals:

1. Animal Behaviour

Animal Behaviour sells beautiful, fashionable, feminine apparel. Their apparel is produced in Los Angeles and donates 5% of every purchase to nature conservation in the hopes of reversing the Amur Leopard's endangerment and extinction.

2. Makai Clothing Co.

Makai Clothing features a range of colorful tops & accessories featuring their cute sea turtle logo. You can feel even better about buying from them because they donate 10% of all net profits to helping sea turtle conservation.

3. n: Philanthropy

n: Philanthropy sells chich stylish basics with a twist. Plus we love them because they donate 10% of net proceeds to the Children's Hospital LA and the ASPCA.

4.  Wholesome Culture

Like us, Wholesome Culture is new on the scene selling a range of clothing & accessories. They are passionate about educating people about the vegan lifestyle and animal abuse. 

They also donate part of their profits to an animal welfare organization.

5. LQ Planet

OK OK, we know self-plug here but, we are pretty proud brands-like=ivory-ellaof our designer printed leggings brand we are creating. If you are new to our brand you should know that all our prints are inspired by nature & originate from our nature photography. We pledge to donate 10% of net profits to animal rescue & conservation groups NZSPCA, Bali Sea Turtle Society & The International Reptile Conservation Foundation. Learn more about Our Pledge. Plus, with every purchase of our 'Tiza' Giraffe printed leggings we will donate $5 to the Wild Nature Institute to support Masai Giraffe research & conservation. Just in! 'Hear Me Roar' Tiger Print Leggings. For every purchase of this style, we will donate $5 to Stay Wild a group focused on the Conservation of Sumatran Tigers. Browse all our products.

6. The Elephant Pants

This is the brand for every harem pant lover. Plus they have a range of beautiful tops, sundresses, kimonos & accessories.

The Elephant Pants donates to charitable organizations dedicated to helping elephants. 

7. Meaningful Paws

Cute, chic clothing & apparel designs. 5% of all sales are donated to animal care organizations.

8. Genus + Species

Genus & Species design unique animal printed t-shirts. They are also on a mission to help endangered species around the world so they donate 50% of all profits to WWF Australia.

9. Paisley Tiger

Paisley Tiger creates colorful tops & accessories with their adorable logo & if that isn't reason enough to love them they also donate a portion of their proceeds to Big Cat Rescue.

10. Animal Collective

Animal Collective features a range of funky t-shirts which support a range of wildlife & pet charities with 50% of net profits from each campaign going to the organization.

11. WildFive

WildFive is a cool little Etsy shop selling t-shirts with animal designs & slogans for wildlife lovers. And sure to make every wildlife lover smile, $5 from every item sold gets donated to save wildlife.

12. Koexist

This company has adorable koala designs on their clothing with such an adorable mission to boot. 'To help koalas & children Koexist through clothing that tells stories', How do they do this? With every sale, they donate proceeds to the Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital and the Koala Hospital in Australia. 

13. Velvety

Velvety sells a wide range of cool stuff from clothing to beauty products. Our favorite is the vegan handbags made from leaves!

In 2017 Velvety will donate 5% of their profits to Big Sky Sanctuary; home to a wide range of animals including many that were rescued from factory farms, abandoned or considered no-longer-useful.

14. Tees For Bees

Tees for Bees is another new kid on the block. We love their 'save the bees' slogan t-shirts and crop tops with sizes to fit the whole family.

10% of all sales are donated to help Bee City in Canada save the bees.

15. Eighty Elephants

Eighty Elephants sells cute jewelry, toys & mugs. A portion of all proceeds will go directly to the charities that Eighty Elephants partner with.

16. The Happy Sea

We love The Happy Sea adorable geometric animal designs on their tops. Even better is that they donate 10% of all proceeds to ocean conservation to help our fellow animals below the sea.

17. Whale Tale Clothing

Whale Tale Clothing has a range of hats, sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts & accessories featuring a cool whale logos. 10% of every purchase goes to the Sea Shepherd Organization to help them continue their work saving marine & ocean life.

18. Puppie Love

Who doesn't love an adorable puppy? Puppy love has a range of cute puppy tops and hats with 10% of profits from this cute company being donated to rescue centers & adoption agencies. They are also passionate about educating people about proper dog care.


19. Peace Frogs

An oldie but a goodie. I have fond memories of my first Peace Frogs t-shirt. Founded in 1985 the brand offers up a wide range of clothing for the whole family featuring their fun frog designs. The company supports a range of charities to help amphibians, the environment & communities including The Organization for Tropical StudiesPartners in Amphibian & Reptilian ConservationThe National Wildlife Federation & The Peace Frogs Bank to Bank Charitable Fund. 

20. JewelrSea

Another sweet little Etsy store; JewelrSea sells cute beaded bracelets with 10% of sales going to help save baby sea turtles.

21. The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site has a wide range of products from clothing & accessories to items for home & garden. Every purchase from The Animal Rescue Site provides food for animals in shelters across the USA. 

22. Emi Hope

Emi Hope sells cute rhino design apparel, blankets, pillows, and accessories. 10% of their net profits are donated to the International Rhino Foundation.

23. For the Love of Animals Apparel

FTLA apparel is dedicated to helping animals by supporting reforestation organizations to help restore habitats and animal welfare organizations.

This Canadian brand has slogan apparel to suit women, men & furbabies alike. 

24. Kitty Conserve

If you're more of a cat person you will want to check out these cute kitty tops. Kitty Conserve donates a major portion of their proceeds to SEAACA to help cats in need.

25. Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals mission is to raise awareness and funds to support animal welfare organizations. They have styles for both men and women with funky graphics & slogans.

26. Endangered Apparel

Endangered apparel has some pretty cool animal designs on their clothing for men & women with a pretty cool brand vision.

For every shirt purchased 20% of proceeds will go to an animal sanctuary. Currently, they support The Elephant SanctuaryThe Australian Koala FoundationSmithsonian National Zoological Park & Big Cat Rescue.

27. Shelly Cove

At LQ Planet we're pretty obsessed with sea turtles which is why we love Shelly Cove cute sea turtle shirts.

Shelly Cove donates 10% of net profits to The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Surf City, North Carolina.

28. Panda Paw

Panda Paw donates 10% of proceeds to Pandas International. You will be proud to show you support pandas with Panda Paws cute logo on their tops & accessories. 

29. Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth Apparel doesn't directly donate to an animal charity instead they donate 50% of net profits to promoting conservation and sustainability plus with every purchase one tree will be planted. 

Our ecology background urged us to include them on this list because, without habitats for animals to live in, there would be no animals. Everything is interconnected and in order to help one area we must look at holistically and help the whole system. This is why we believe these guys & their awesome apparel deserve a place on this list amongst the rest of these awesome brands.

30. Hendrick & Co.

Last but not least Hendrick & Co has a wide range of women's & men's clothing plus jewelry & accessories.

They aim to help save all animals and support over 80 animal rescue, shelters & sanctuaries. 

31. Pawz

Adorable Pawz clothing and accessories with 10% of net profits donated to Stark Humane to help save homeless animals.

32. Sand Cloud

Originally famous for towels but don't be fooled Sand Cloud has some sweet shirts as well. Plus 10% of net proceeds are donated to organizations dedicated to saving marine life.

33. Devocean Co.

For all your cute ocean themed jewelry needs Devocean Co. is the place to go. Even better they donate 20% of their net profits to the FAU Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and Friends of Gumbo Limbo to help save majestic sea turtles.

34. Polar Couture

Polar Couture sells men's & women's tops & accessories featuring their adorable heart-shaped polar bear design and they donate 10% of net profits are donated to polar bear conservation.

35. Beautiful Baleine

Beautiful Baleine are passionate about whale conservation and supporting research to better help these gentle giants. When you purchase their cute tops & accessories you help them on their mission. They pledge to donate 10% of net profits to Whales and Dolphins to help them conduct better research on multiple species of whales.

36. Milo's Wish

Milo's wish sells cute clothing and accessories to support the Hank Kabel Sarcoma Foundation which works to raise money to support dogs with cancer and raise awareness about cancer in dogs.

37. Polar Polly

Polar Polly sells cute tops and accessories with their polar bear design on them. Every purchase 10% of their net profits go to helping polar bears. You can also sign up to be a brand ambassador for some sweet discounts.

38. Barklyn Grace

Barklyn Grace has clothes for you and your cute pup. We think they're super cute and best of all they donate 10% of net profits to Hope for Paws a Los Angeles based rescue center fighting to banish homeless animals by rehoming abandoned and abused animals.

39. I Heart Dogs

I Heart Dogs sells a wide range of products from clothing and jewelry to pet supplies and homewares. We think they are pretty rad because they donate food to animal shelters across the USA with every purchase. Each item donates a different number of meals which you can see in the items descriptions when you are browsing the site.

40. Love Brand & Co.

Last but definitely not least Love Brand & Co. sell men, and children's swimwear, tops, shorts, accessories; plus a little holiday reading to keep you amused while the kids play on the beach. They currently donate 5% of revenue to these inspirational charities; Elephant Family, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Tusk Trust, that are working to save wonderful elephants. 

Which are your favorite brands? Do you know of any more brands like Ivory Ella, that donate to animals? Share the love & comment below

Now that you're in the know, next time you the online shopping buzz hits you can make sure you are supporting an awesome brand that donates to animals. Together we can do anything. Together we can make the world a better place. 

We hope you find this list helpful. Don't forget to download your FREE brands like Ivory Ella, that give back to animals interactive PDF reference guide. You can print it off or pin it to your desktop and click the links so you can easily find and support brands that give back to animals.

UPDATE: We apologize for the inconvenience but our opt-in forms on this page did not meet the new GDPR regulations. As this is only a one-off freebie it is best for you to email us at or message us via our contact page and we will send you a copy of the PDF. Sorry for the inconvenience. We know you will understand. The new laws are serious but there to protect your privacy. You can also read our Privacy Policy.

As always, have a beautiful day,


Ultimate shopping guide


  • Robert Fulforth

    Tropical Penguin Clothing gives 10% of their net profit to Penguin Conservation efforts! They don’t have the following that many of these brands have but they are a new company doing great things!

  • Gianluca De Stefano


    We support gorilla conservation via our partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Every sale of our bamboo socks will help support an endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda.

    We are also in the process of partnering with another bit non profit and expand to more endangered species

    I can see that from some of the articles you wrote, you have an interest in animal conservation. I was hoping we could collaborate on an article on your website?

    Thank you for your time

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