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As a busy creative who has always struggled with a regular exercise routine and a positive body image, I understand the importance of turning exercise into an enjoyable, fun, regular self-love routine.

I started LQ Planet in 2017 with the aim to design unique, colorful yoga & athleisure wear using nature-inspired prints that make you feel bold, confident and supported; ready to take on anything.

My overarching goal in life is to inspire care and respect for our planet' & help animals (including people!) live happier higher quality lives. I truly believe that if we all put in a little effort to make ourselves happier we can help change the world because happiness is contagious.

I hope, like myself, these designs help motivate you to push through any self-doubt and procrastination to get moving and help create a happier world.


 -Adrianne Elizabeth

Founder of LQ Planet, writer, designer, photographer, lover of all things nature 


 Polyvore; lookbook; lq-planet